Thursday, January 23, 2014

Why Niche is important for a Website?

          After registering a domain name and having a web hosting service for it, the most important part of building of a website or blog is to decide a specific content and focus on a single subject which in relationship with the domain.

          That is why one should decide at first the niche of the website before getting a domain. The niche can be various like cars, sports, phone, reviews on products or books, articles….

         Search engine spiders why classifying the content also take into consideration the unique content. Webiste with a focused niche and quality content have the chance to get higher rankings. In addition, webstes with a focused niche get quality traffic and loyal readers or browsers who frequently visit that website. On the contrary, irregular contents with too much photos and videos which also cn be found easily on the web will not receive quality and unique traffic.

           If you decide to mention about flowers, you may also add articles about gardening, fertilizers, greenhouses but never add about irrelevant contents like iphones, sports or an other subject out of the “flowers or flower related content” .

          Lastly, if you target content related traffic for your website or blog you may submit it to related directories and blog lists under the related title in these directories.