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SSL Certificate

SSL Certificate for Safe and Secure Web Browsing Experience

Author: Steve Russell

One should know that a SSL certificateisacryptographic protocol which is needed for a person to have the security of communication on the Internet. With robust information, the data is protected by the SSL and it will be really helpful and easy for you to get the best out of the communication world in the safest possible manner. With these certificates you can be sure that any outsider or hackers in the internet will not be able to hamper you and your private data in any manner. Therefore, the user's data and your information in the internet remains protected.

Today, a number of certificate authorities provide the SSL certificatefor the users and companies security of data. You will get certificates that are equipped with 256 bit of encryption along with 2048 bit RSA key and since its inception it has grown bigger in encryption and better with the passage of time. And, the reasons can also be the changing algorithms of the SSL standards monitored by the certificate authority bureau (CAB).

Steps involved when a web browser connects to an SSL-secure Web site are:

  • The first step involves the attempt of the browser to connect with the SSL-secure Web site.
    • Then the web browser demands the web server about the SSL security of the website.
    • Then the web server of the site will send out a copy of the SSL certificate for the confirmation from the user's browser.
    • The next step involves the SSL security certificate confirmation
    • And in the coming step the browser will confirm and assures about trustworthiness of the SSL sent by the web server.
    • And if the certificate is confirmed then a message is transferred to the web server and if not then problem is reported.
    • However, if it fails, the browser makes a warning and stimulates the user to authorize or deny the legitimacy of the web server certificate.

For more detailed information and knowledge you should go OpenSSLand read about them. These are quite easy to understand and this can be a really good thing for all the large and small scale enterprises.You will find a lot of different types of certificates and each of them are used at different purposes for different reasons. Some of them are:

  • Domain validation
    • Organization validation
    • EV certificate
    • SGC certificate and
    • Code Signing Certificate

You should also know about theOpenSSL which is a multi-platform security library. It said to be an open-source implementation of the SSL and TLS protocols. There are a few things that you should be looking for before choosing any kind of SSL security and some of them are:

  • What is the type of SSL Certificate?
    • How much cost you have to pay?
    • What are the guarantees of the after sale services?
    • What kind of confirmation they provide for money back guarantee?
    • Did you check the authenticity of SSL provider authority?

These questions should be answered before hiring any services for your business.

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