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Domain Name Search

Points to Remember during Domain Search

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In today's internet world, your domain name is your brand. It is your billboard on a busy street and the vital name you need your target clients to remember to ensure that they keep coming back constantly and choose you over your competitors. As the name of your domain plays a great role in enhancing your brand image and clientele, it is crucial to make effective domain search. You need to pay special attention to ensure that you choose a unique and perfect domain for your website.

Following are some of the points to remember while carrying out domain search-

     •    Domain needs to be at least two characters long

     •    It should not contain symbols (like @, # or $)

     •    Keep the name easy to remember and short- Over creative spellings of words or too lengthy name will do little good. This is due to the fact that if your potential customers do not remember the name, they will not visit your website.

      •    Do not invent new words- There are definitely some of the websites that have become hugely popular by inventing unique words as their domain name; the most prominent example is Google! But it is still not recommended to invent new words till to you have a sizeable marketing budget to make the word popular among your target customers.

      •     Add Geography- You can add location to your domain name that can serve two purpose-
                  •  It will enhance the chances of the name availability
                  •   Your potential customers can find your domain through local searches.



Now, let us discuss another aspect. It may be difficult for you to find ‘.com' name as most of the names may already be registered. There are various other options like ‘.biz' and ‘.net', but it is still recommended to search for a ‘.com' name. Normally, people have the inclination to add ‘.com' at the end of the domain name. So, if you keep a ‘.biz' or ‘.net' name, it is highly possible that your customers forget it and land in some other site.


To check whether your chosen domain name is available or who has registered the domain name, you can always take the help of a credible company. With advanced tools like Whois Lookup or domaintools, they can assist in domain search. If you discover your desired domain name already taken, you can think of another name or wait for the registration of the owner to expire.

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