Monday, January 13, 2014

Bidvertiser : How to make Money from your Website or Blog?

After establishing your website or blog, clarifying the niche and adding quality content according to the concept of the website, you can start to make money by adding pay per click ads and banners.

It is very easy to sign in to Bidvertiser. Following browsing their website. Under the publishers title you can create an account and by verifying the e-mail came from Bidvertiser you can start adding banners to your blog or website.

Following the sign up, you can login from the homepage by selecting the “account type” as Publisher and entering your username and password.

By clicking the title “Publisher Center” you can reach to the page in which one can add websites that will publish the banners and links by Bidvertiser. Under the title “add new bidvertiser” you can organize or add new domains. 

Make money from your Website or Blog with BidVertiser

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