Thursday, January 23, 2014

How to drive traffic for your Website or Blog

             After establishing a nice website or blog with qulity content naturally you require other users to have information about that website. The thing is there are millions of websites thinking just same like you.

           Especially, today it is nearly impossible for a new website to be seen by others in search engines. Whatever the content there are rivals which have same or similar to the content and some of them are there for more than 10 years and have higher page ranks.

          However it does not mean that if a webste or blog is old than it will receive higher rank in search engines. There are some basic rules to receive traffic and increase pagerank.

         Rule-1 : Simply submit your website to main search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Alexa manually. It does not take so much time to submit an url to search engines so try to do this by yourselve manually instead of using automated submitting. Many search engines require manual submission.

         Rule-2: Website content related with the domain name. And that content having a focused niche. Offering something interesting which a visitor can not find it in other websites. 

         Rule-3: If your website or blog have articles, try to write the articles by yourselve. Original and quality content always have much more importance for search engines.

        Rule-4: Social networking websites like Facebook, Google+, Twitter and social bookmarking websites like Storify, Pinterest, Tumblr, Quora and forums related with your content can be useful to mention about your website. However, try to to not to  do too much agressive marketing. If you add quality articles to comments on above mentioned networks as the time passes you may have followers and browsers interested with your website content or articles.

            To sum, by following the above steps you may start to see some quality traffic for your website. However it is not an easy job and at first do not dream a miracle. Website development is very hard and you need to work too much for our website or blog, after adding quality content in the long term you will see your website having good traffic and receive pagerank.