Thursday, December 26, 2013

Sample Meta Tag HTML Code

Below is a sample form of a meta tag code which can be used to describe the content of a website:

<meta name="description" content="Website Content">
<meta name="keywords" content="HTML,CSS,XML,JavaScript">
<meta name="author" content="details">
<meta charset="yyy">

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

HTML vs Flash as Website Builder

                Comparing to Flash when websites are built with HTML they becomer more SEO friendly. Additionally by this way websites with HTML have the chance to improve their rankings. Also this kind of websites can run in mobile environment, which is a pretty good advantage as today many internet users browse internet by mobile applications. Doing changes in HTML are also easier than Flash, in HTML one can edit the website with text editör and in Flash this can be done by Flash CS6. According to these chooising HTML instead of Flash as website builder is more wise and attractive for webmasters. 

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Domain Names - Search Engines

     Business people are now taking things to a whole brand new level. Aside from keeping innovations on their services and products, they also exert effort to improve their advertising plans.
      To effectively run a marketing campaign, a company must get them to able to reach people even from the farthest side from the planet. And to pull this off, they come up with an idea of using the potential of the internet for their campaign.
     Then, here comes search motor marketing (SEM), the most efficient tool they are able to use to promote their goods. A successful practice of SEM can take a business miles farther when it comes to promotion, marketing, and building a reputation.
     The principle of SEM would be to make your website or content rank higher on popular search engines like google such as Google, Yahoo!, and MSN. With a great ranking, you can easily attract people to visit your website and when they find such information interesting, they may support your business.
      Generating a good amount of traffic is the main goal in SEM as it can certainly contribute to your effort of landing on a great spot. When you are able to gather more people to your site, it can turn to higher popularity level as well as a very rewarding income.
     A domain name, however, is also important in SEM as this is where everything inside your online marketing strategies happens. The name also gives an impact to the people about the nature of your company.
     Acquiring a domain name is easy when you've successfully generated a good and easy-to-remember domain title. However, it can be hard if you decided to possess a generic domain name and such name has been already utilized by other website.
   In creating a domain name, you must consider the online users seeing your name. So, you must remember to produce a short yet witty and catchy domain name that's easy-to-remember.
   But when your domain name of choice has already been taken, you can resort on buying an run out domain. A domain name expires when the writer forgets to renew the site's registration, can't pay the fees, has lost interest in running the web site, or the company went out of business.
   What is good about acquiring an expired domain name is that it's been in existence for some time that it already has numerous visitors and might be featuring advertising content. And what's even better is when you got a domain which was owned by a huge company and has been popular among internet surfers.
   Now that you have a brief background of search engine marketing techniques and domain names, you can do some research to get going with your campaign with the guides of this kind of tools. Keep on exploring and see insights through experts.

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What is domain name? How important is it to have one for your website? Domain is very important when you create your own website. A Domain Name is simply your internet Address. All about Domain Names Blog provides All information about Domain Names.

Web Hosting Tips

      Shared hosting means that many websites are hosted in a single server. Data storage space and band width will be distributed among the users In Shared hosting the user will get only that software support that the service provider offers them. If the user wants more software options he /she should chose dedicated hosting technique. In shared hosting the service provider will be responsible for management of system software, providing proper technical support, and maintaining the security of the web server. Most servers are using Linux as operating system and operated on LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHp) . Linux is preferred because it is open source and it offers high security over other operating systems. Some service providers also offer windows based or free BSD based solutions. There are 1000's of service providers across the world which provide economic shared hosting packages. 

     Shared hosting can be done in two ways:

1) IP based shared hosting
IP based virtual hosting is also known as dedicated IP hosting with each virtual host having different IP address. The IP address of the client is used be the server software to determine the visibility of the website

2) Name based shared hosting
It is also known as shared IP hosting. The service software identifies different users by their host names and all will have the same IP address.
Advantages of shared hosting
• Shared hosting is Economical as the cost of the server is divided among the users.
• For a small business organization, which has an average traffic, shared hosting is perfect. If the website contains large files such as videos or large image files shared hosting will be not sufficient
• The user will get his own domain name
• There will be a good support team for satisfying users technical needs

Disadvantages of shared hosting 

• Security will be minimal as there will be many sites sharing the same server .
• Bandwidth is less so if traffic is increased there us a chance that the website might get over loaded
• Database will be available but support will be limited
• User doesn't have permission to install programs. Software support will be limited. The user must satisfy with that software which the service provider grants them.
• Shared hosting technique will not work in old HTTP/1.0 browsers
• In shared hosting if the file permissions are improperly managed there is a chance that another user might access the information and is a big security threat
• In properly secure websites like HTTPS shared hosting technique is not properly supported

If you are looking for a hosting technique that is economical and you wants a good start to your business shared hosting can the answer.

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Finding Affiliates - Affiliate Marketing

          So you think you are a great affiliate marketer? If you do, you need to re-check in the mirror again, with some of the points as parameters, which we will mention in this article below. 

      Most of the online marketers strive a great deal to build up an authentic and stable affiliate marketing network, and try and marshal their affiliate resources well. The trick, however, is to wring out the optimum benefits from the driest of affiliate programs possible. The larger a margin of profit and investment you have, the better you are at this out-of-the-box marketing stream.

     So what are the base points you need to cover when building a solid affiliate marketing network? Here are 5 tips that can come in handy!

1. Identify Your Niche - Learn the fact that an affiliate program is not a stationary store. You cannot sell everything at the same time and demand success to walk into your living room and hi-five you. Identify the target consumer base or marketing niche you are exceptional at. And then focus your attention solely to that basic segment. The narrower your objective and the path to it is, the faster and surer you can have it back in your pocket!

2. Google IS And Will Be Your Partner - Search engine optimization is required and your biggest partner in helping regurgitate visitors to your website will be Google. And lets you forget this, Google happens to be the most preferred search engine when it comes to tracking stuff down on the web.

3. Understand Your Target Consumer Base - Talk to them. Interact on social forums and websites. Engage in conversation. Do everything that you need to do to ensure that you have tracked down the pulse of your target consumer base. Know what they want, when they want it and why they want it. Unless you have digested and re-digested everything about your target niche, especially your audience, building an effective affiliate marketing network will always be tough.

4. Don't Invest All At One Go - Only the fool keeps all his eggs in one basket and laments when a small jerk breaks all of them into a mess. Ensure that you have some back-up, financial help or affiliate resources lined up to take over if your initial bid to set up an affiliate marketing network fails. It may entail starting over in a new niche, completely rehashing the affiliate programs or training under a veteran online marketer.

5. Learn the Trade of the Times - Keeping yourself updated with any state-of-the-art tools or newer affiliate programs in the fray can help you go one up on your rivals easily. Unless you are acquainted with the latest trends, the newest updates and a minute-by-minute update of what the target audience is looking for, success will be hard to come by in any affiliate program.

Building an affiliate marketing network is not easy. But it's not building a rocket to Mars as well. All you need are a few good tips and a strong hold on the niche you are going to ply your trade in!

Thank you for reading this affiliate resources article, we hope you enjoyed it. For more information on affiliate marketing resources

Monday, December 16, 2013

Exhibitions List 2014 - Technology - Computer Science - Data Management - WWW

1-)  USA Science and Engineering Festival (5-7 March) - Washington, DC, United States
2-)  Bio-IT world Conference  (29 April - 01 May ) - Boston, United States
3-)  SPIE DSS - (05 - 09 May) - Baltimore - United States
4-)  International Conference on Informatics, Electronics and Vision - (23-24 May), Dhaka, Bangladesh
5-)  DCE - Datacentres Europe 2014 - (27-29 May) - Monte Carlo, Monaco

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Friday, December 13, 2013

What is Cloud Hosting?

             In Cloud Hosting apart from the classical types like dedicated and shared hosting the responsibility of establishing the database and security protocols belongs to the hosting provider, additioanally when the website traffic is increased clustering process is also being done by the hosting company instead of customer. They also so not know which SQL database will be used for hosting. Only root.war file is informed to the provider. Updating and clustering procedures are completely done automatically.            

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

How to Build a Website? - Basics-

     In order to have a website first of all a domain should be registered through a domain registrar. At first with the help of whois services you may check if the desired domain is registered already or not. Please note the chosen domain name should be in accordance with the content of the website. If your domain had to include two or more words try to separate the domain name with middle dash "-".

      Following the registration of the domain with the proper TLD or gTLD, it will need to be hosted by a web hosting for the others in net to be able to find your website. According to the size and the utilization of your website you may choose the proper hosting solution.

       The pages of the website can be uploaded with ftp. To start you may choose Frontpage to prepare the files in HTML. Following the loading of the pages the website will be seen by other users on the net. After these steps you may add your site to search engines manually.

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Monday, December 2, 2013

TLD - Top-Level Domain Explained

            TLDs are the part of the fully qualified domain name. They are managed by Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers -ICANN.

           Some well known types of  TLDs :

           1-) Country Code Top Level Domains

                 i.e   .de (Germany)  . fr (France)  .nl (Netherlands)
            2-) Generic Top Level Domians
                i.e    .com (commercial)  .net (network)  .org (organizations)  .biz (business)

          Among the above mentioned TLDs the most famous one is ".com" which is widely used by most of the websites. Today with the development of diffrent industries like SEO the TLD at the end seems like losing importance but ".com" still seems to be the most popular one in the following years.