Monday, November 25, 2013

What are Meta Tags?

              Meta Tags are placed in website following the header. They are two types mainly "meta description tags" and "meta keyword tags". These tags can be seen by the spiders from search engines. They are necessary for spiders to have information regarding your website. These concept is very much used in SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  Meta Tags are written in HTML codes.

             If your website is about the "travel" you may add the meta tags like "places to visit", "most visited countries"...etc.

What is DNS?

                   DNS (Domain Name Service) is simply a naming system for computers on the internet. It indicates the location of the host of the website. This is mostly for computers to communicate with each other. A kind of transfering the letters into the numbers.  All domain names in the internet actually are approved by ICANN which is a non profit private organization.

Usage of Whois Services for Domain Registration

        Whois service usage is recommended before obtaining a domain name to see if the desired domain in use or free. With the help of the whois one can also see the details of the domain registered like the company name, contact details of both webiste owner and the registrant company.

        On a whois website the searchers can also find the DNS of that website.

How to Earn Income From Your Website? Pay Per Click Ads

      On the internet today there many opportunities to obtain an income from a website. The famous solution is pay per click advertising. In this form of internet advertising the advertisers to payments when thier ad clicked. The second form of this is CPI, cost per impression. In this option advertisers do the payments per ad impression on a website of the publisher.

       Additionally, affiliate programs can also be the other option for the website publisher. On the net there are many companies which offer affiliate program for revenue sharing. In this form one can adopt the link to one of those affliate programs and market their products on the website. Also you may add your website to social bookmarking sites in order to promote the products.

      Apart from these the website owner can also install e-shopping or e-commerce software.

What is Web Hosting?

             Web Hosting simply enables the registered domain names to be seen on www. Once you obtain a web hosting service you may upload your page by (File Transfer Protocol) FTP.  This is called webpage or small-sclae file hosting.

               Some Types of Hosting:

               1-) Shared Web Hosting
               2-) Reseller Web Hosting
               3-) Virtual Dedicated Server
               4-) Dedicated Hosting Service
               5-) Cloud Hositng
               6-) Home Server
               7-) Free Web Hosting

             According to the needs of the website there are different web hosting solutions by different companies. Most of them is Linux based which include Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP. If it will be a personal webpage single page web hosting will be sufficient solution.

What is Domain Registration?

            Domain Registration is the act of acquiring a name on the internet for your website. It is necessary for a website to be seen others. One you register a domain name you keep the mentioned name at least one year and you can renew the registration each year endlessly.

            There are many domain name registrar companies on the net. They offer .com, .net, .org and many other (Top Level Domains) TLDs.  Actually a domain name is the combination of the numbers in order to be easy to keep in mind it is descripted with the letters.