Tuesday, December 3, 2013

How to Build a Website? - Basics-

     In order to have a website first of all a domain should be registered through a domain registrar. At first with the help of whois services you may check if the desired domain is registered already or not. Please note the chosen domain name should be in accordance with the content of the website. If your domain had to include two or more words try to separate the domain name with middle dash "-".

      Following the registration of the domain with the proper TLD or gTLD, it will need to be hosted by a web hosting for the others in net to be able to find your website. According to the size and the utilization of your website you may choose the proper hosting solution.

       The pages of the website can be uploaded with ftp. To start you may choose Frontpage to prepare the files in HTML. Following the loading of the pages the website will be seen by other users on the net. After these steps you may add your site to search engines manually.

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