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Ranking in Search Engine - Directory Submission

Directory Submission for Higher Ranking in Search Engine

Author: Sam J Leob

A directory submission simply means to add your private or company website to what is known as a web directory. This is done by adding your website URL and relevant information (web title, description, keywords, Meta tags, etc) to the directory, while also ensuring it is submitted to the most pertinent category.    

Directory submissions are one of the easiest and safest techniques online marketers and search engine optimization (SEO) professionals use to increase the visibility of a website and to obtain quality back links. Submitting to a web directory is a way of making a site more noticeable in the eyes of the main search engines, such as Bing, Google, and Yahoo.

It is crucial to note that a site that is highly visible on the web receives a lot more traffic and resulting sales from the targeted keywords or phrases that rank high in the search engines. For that reason, you should put a lot of effort in increasing your websites link profile, which needs to be diverse. A local or regional directory offers one source for building links.  

There are several advantages to using a web directory as part of an effective link building campaign. Here are some of the more notable ones -  

• Directory submission is an easy and effortless way of getting traffic for a website.

• It helps with increasing the ranking of a website in the search engines and the higher the website position, the more web traffic follows.

• Web directories make it quite easy to achieve high-quality incoming links.

• Increases the diversity in a link building campaign very easily.

Contrary to what many online marketers might believe, a web directory submission is in most cases more effective if done as a manual process. Avoid the use of automated submission tools, as these services are often quite restrictive in regards to the sites submitted to, and might even consist of their our mini-network of directories, which isn't likely to be so effective. Furthermore, this could have a negative impact on your website, especially if quite a few of the websites linking to your website are of poor quality.        

Submitting your website to a long list of web directories can be quite lengthy. So it is well worth the time and effort of seeking out the best and oldest online directories, as these will help the most in building the back links and your websites visibility on the web. Use the internet marketing forums and web searches to locate these high-quality directories.

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